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Post by ellen.kess.. » Fri, 16 Sep 1994 21:39:04

 > we bought Pepe, the breeder clipped him, one wing only and leaving
 > the outer feathers as is the preferred way by most people here.  It appears

(parts deleted)

 > or from his stand.  This has been the cause of his having broken all
 > feathers on this wing at some time or another, usually before they
 > have had a chance to fully grow.  I don't think that I will ever stop him

The problem with only clipping one wing is that the bird is unbalanced in his
attempts to fly and may unintentionally crash into a dangerous situation.
Whereas if both wings are trimmed, they can guide themselves better.

The problem, also, of leaving the outermost wings untouched is that those two
or three feathers don't have support from other feathers. So they become
brittle, break and fall out. Same thing when clipped feathers grow in. Since
they all don't grow in at the same time, that one feather has no support from
surrounding feathers so breaks off with the smallest amount of activity.

If you insist on letting those feathers grow back, you need to either restrict
your bird's activity or temporarily lower his cage so that he's not falling on
his wings. But it may take upwards of a year before they come back.....

 Feather Fantasia, Denver