clipped wings

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clipped wings

Post by Robert Gor » Sat, 21 Dec 1991 11:02:23

I have a blue parakeet named Sydney.  He is approximately 3-4 months old.
When I bought him, the salesperson at the pet store recommended that
his wings be clipped.  I've since regretted letting them do this.  The
rationale was that I didn't think I wanted a bird dropping poop all
over my apartment, and since the salesperson told me the wings would
grow back shortly, I figured it couldn't hurt.

Here's the problem: the wings seem to be growing in very slowly.  It seems
that one wing is growing in, but doesn't look right.  The wing on the other
side appears to have broken off (is this possible?).  So now, the poor
guy looks a bit lopsided and still can't fly.

My question is: has anyone ever had any experience like this?  This is
my first bird and the thought has crossed my mind that just being an
over-protective father.  Well, any advice would be appreciated.  You
can either e-mail to this account or post a reply.

Thanks in advance,