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"""More questions"""

Post by Alex Clayt » Mon, 20 Sep 1999 04:00:00

The spray bottle is fine. he birds will let you know when they like it.
As for the cage the bar spacing may be to far apart. We had a Parakeet
years back with our Tiel. We let them out a lot but when we would put
them in the cage the keet could squeeze through the bars if she wanted

 """More questions"""  
Hi: Baths: ? None of my 3 budgies like to get into the little bowls of
water I  put in their cage to wash. So I put luke warm water in a spray
bottle and spray them about every other day. Is that OK?
????????????Can all three budgies live together
in a***ateil cage? I Have Tweetie in a single cage. and the other two
are in a single in size but very tall.(they still look cramped to me.)
My daughter has an unused***ateil cage she wants to give me for them.
??????????If they could live together in the same
larger cage, that would free up the little cage to be used to train the
2 new little cuties. Help!  ??????????Tweetie is
trained, will living with the others UNtrain him? And just for the heck
of it; I keep seeing the word Quacker---what kind of bird is that?
??????????Thanks again for all your help!!!

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