update on NEEBS facility situation / update from The Gabriel Foundation

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update on NEEBS facility situation / update from The Gabriel Foundation

Post by mdflo » Tue, 23 Nov 2004 08:24:50

I copied this from The Gabriel Foundation's web site:

Urgent Help Needed!
The Gabriel Foundation has again been asked to provide assistance with
a large group of parrots currently housed in a rescue and sanctuary
facility on the East coast, the New England *** Bird Sanctuary
(NEEBS). This "avian sanctuary" is an extreme hoarding situation of
*** birds.

11.19.04 Update
After continued discussion with the MSPCA enforcement division, The
Gabriel Foundation learned that Robinn Nollett and the NEEBS birds
have disappeared from their location. Officers of the MSPCA indicated
that this has been an extremely frustrating situation for them. Ms.
Nollett had retained an attorney that made entering her property or
talking to her without her attorney present an impossibility.
Neighbors had reported very little activity at Ms. Nollett's home, and
fearing for the safety of the parrots, police were contacted to enter
the premises. They discovered it abandoned. It is highly probable that
Ms. Nollett has left the state of Massachusetts with the birds. The
Gabriel Foundation is actively pursuing any leads in an attempt to
locate these birds. Moving 200+ birds is not an undercover activity
and providing for them is costly. Ms. Nollett or someone representing
these birds will inevitably resurface asking for money, possibly under
another sanctuary name as a cover. If anyone has any information about
this case, please let us know. We will keep you posted with updates as
we recieve them.

Click here to find out about this horrifying case.

Click here to learn more about animal hoarding and a recent hoarding
case in Colorado.

If you have questions for us about this case, email

The Gabriel Foundation and everyone involved with this case gives a
GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Research Associates Laboratory for offering to
do discounted medical testing for all the birds confiscated in this
case!! This donation is an unbelievable help!