Crazy Zebras

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Crazy Zebras

Post by Dan Cowel » Sun, 30 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Hi,  I have a pair of zebra finches in a cage that is 24"x16"x16" that
started to build a nest alongside a millet nest (from a pet store) and a
perch.  They worked *** it for a week, taking all material I offered
them (willow twigs & leaves, etc.) and built a nice little nest.  Here's
what stumped me, one day I went into their room and the pair was destroying
their nest!!  All pieces were scattered about the bottom of their cage!!  I
guess my question is, what on earth were they doing?  Any other finch
breeders seen this?  We've raised several in the past, but none that built a
nest and then destroyed it!!  They are in a room with tiels, weavers and a
quaker, but I wouldn't think the other birds would distract them (haven't to
other pairs).


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