Forwarded post : pet bird documentary?

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Forwarded post : pet bird documentary?

Post by Deanna Johnso » Sun, 22 Feb 1998 04:00:00

This was posted on rec.birds, thought this group would also be interested:



Attention Bird Owners!
Do you want to see your bird on television?

A nationally known and respected television newsmagazine is looking for
owners and their birds to participate in a story.  We're looking for two
of birds:

Is your bird the ultimate companion? Does he say and do wonderful and funny
things?  Is he an endless source of wonder and delight?


Is your bird driving you crazy.  Does he talk too much? Throw things?  Is
he a
big pain at times? If this is the case, our bird expert wants to help you
your bird.

Please contact Gwen at 212 456-6948 (Collect calls are accepted) or