Hahn's macaw at bird world in ocean

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Hahn's macaw at bird world in ocean

Post by barbara.li » Thu, 11 Nov 1993 20:28:45


i visited bird world in ocean, nj yesterday, and saw an ***
hahn's macaw for $699.  he's been at the store now for over a year
because he's quite nippy with some folks, but he turned out to
be a real sweetheart with me.  i'd say that he's be good with an
experienced birdie owner; it's infeasible now for me to buy him
(what with angus the debeaker in my home), but should be checked
out by anyone who is looking for a hahns.  i'm pretty sure the
price could be lowered given that the birdie's been there for
a year and is taking up space they could use to sell, say, an
african grey.

for some very odd reason, this birdie touched me, i can't really
explain it.  hence, i figured he deserves some publicity and
perhaps a good home.

i'd be interested in hearing if anyone decides to buy him...

a new jersey note,

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