tiel friend for our tiel

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tiel friend for our tiel

Post by Janet Rewolins » Mon, 11 Mar 1996 04:00:00

        Our daughter had saved for and bought a tiel and cage this past
summer. She is a very loving sweet girl, and her tiel is the same.
        Her tiel Meeko, is a small female grey tiel and she is now in the
process of saving for another one, as a companion for Meeko. She had
gotten Meeko from a local pet store that breeds them, and she was only
7 weeks old when we brought her home.
        Our daughter has contacted a breeder near-by, and we visited
yesterday. She would like to get another female. She was allowed to
hold one that was only 2 weeks old, and was thrilled.
        Some questions for our new transition are:
                As she will have 1st choice of birds from 2 breeding pairs that have a
total of 6 babies; what should he look for? (ie, size, personality,
etc. )          
        As she wants another female, what is a good determinant of helping
with this (if there is one). Most of the babies are pearl.
        How would it be best to introduce the new bird to Meeko (about 9
months old now) ?
        She would ideally like to have both in the same large cage if
possible; do we keep them separate for a while? Near each other in
separate cages ? Do we need to rearrange Meeko's cage to reduce the
territoritality she might exhibit to the new bird ?
        Presently Meeko eats a combination of seed and pellets, occasionally
vegies; however, not much. We would like to have her eat more of a
variety, Should we start to introduce more of the newer foods prior
to, or after the new bird?
        We won't be getting the new bird until after Easter, it will be about
7 weeks old at that time. So we have a lot of time to get things
        Any/all help would be much appreciated.


tiel friend for our tiel

Post by Maggie Ruf » Sat, 16 Mar 1996 04:00:00


I'm not expert but I can share a few things I've
read and heard.

1. When you bring a new bird home you should keep it
in another room, away from the current bird, for a
few weeks, just to make sure it's not sick.

2. So that would mean having a second cage... Then
once the quarantine is over maybe they can live in
the same cage and you'll have a back up cage.

3. If you start the younger bird on fruits and
veggies than the older one will be likely to emulate
and start eating the good stuff too. It's easier to
teach them when they are very young.

You daughter should select the bird that seems most
friendly toward her. It's hard to determine sex in
young birds. I know what to look for in the normal
greys, but not in pearls. Maybe the breeder can
help. Usually males are a lot more vocal than

I hope your daughter will be very happy with
whatever bird she chooses. I think***atiels are
wonderful birds.

Maggie Rufo
Birdy Slave


tiel friend for our tiel

Post by Tami Fuga » Wed, 20 Mar 1996 04:00:00


>    Some questions for our new transition are:
>            As she will have 1st choice of birds from 2 breeding pairs that have a
>total of 6 babies; what should he look for? (ie, size, personality,
>etc. )              

Dear Janet:

I once had a beautiful baby pearl***atiel, Haley,  in fact she was
my first bird and she was a sweety.  I traveled a lot back then, so I
thought she was lonely during my absence and needed a "play mate".
So I bought Chester from a local pet store, another hand raised baby.
I brought Chester home to Haley.  I bought a large cage and put them
together so that  they could play .   About 1 month after I had
Chester I noticed on my way out that Haley's eye was swollen shut.  My
friend took her to the vet for me that day.  She was anti-biotics for
a respiratory infection.  I cleared up, then reappeared, we did went
to the vet.........finally I took Chester to the vet.  He was the
culprit.....several months and hundreds of dollars later I had 2 well
birds.  That was 9 years ago.   The m***of the story....keep them in
separate cages for at least a month.  Both birds could be healthy, but
one could have an immunity that the other does not.

Unfortunately, Haley never really attached to Chester, and Chester
never really attached to me..... However, they have produced 4 very
healthy clutches of babies over the years.  Now it is Haley, Chester &
Bud.  Bud was from the last clutch. " He"  was so cute I just had to
keep" him".   Well Bud is a female grey that carriers the pearl gene.
Oh well.  

Pearled babies are impossible to sex until they are older.  Just
because they have pearls now, the males will feather out to be greys,
females will keep their pearls.  You could end up with a male and a
female ...... and a lot of babies later.

Lots of Luck -***atiels are great birds.