Looking to Buy Blue Headed Pionus

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Looking to Buy Blue Headed Pionus

Post by Sammie Snide » Fri, 17 Feb 1995 18:51:25

On Wed, 15 Feb 1995 23:37:18 GMT,


>I am in the market to buy a Blue headed Pionus parrot, and
>am having no luck whatsoever in locating any.  I have called
>all the breeders in Ohio and their Pionus's are not yet
>breeding.  Does anyone out there have any babies for sale,
>or know of anyone who might?  I possibly might even go
>to one of the bordering states to buy one.  Another possibility
>is a baby Timneh, I am also not having any luck find one of
>these either.  I am only looking for hand raised babies.

>Thank you,



I don't know which state you live in, but I am in Oklahoma, and I do know
of a breeder who has a blue headed pionus for sale.  She had an ad in the
paper a couple of weeks ago, and she belongs to the same bird clubs that I
belong to.  She's a reputable person.  If you want more info, you can
e-mail me directly, and I can call her to ask about her bird if you want.


Sammie Snider
Norman, OK