Tiel Shower (Re: 'tiel update)

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Tiel Shower (Re: 'tiel update)

Post by Yuki Nakaji » Fri, 30 Sep 1994 15:25:39

My tiels like shower.  Especially 'PoPo', the elder one, like to take
shower with me.  She seems to enjoy it because she stayed very calm and
closed her eyes in the hot shower.  She also like the dryer part after
the shower.

Here is my Question, 'PoPo' can get very wet after the shower.  Seems
like her feather is lack of oil or something.  The other tiel, 'KiKi',
about six months old, don't get so wet even after five minutes of
shower.  'KiKi' seems like having waterproof.  We were wondering if
anyone have the same experience?

One more thing, 'PoPo' like AC.  When ever we turn on the AC, she will
go the vent, open her wings and enjoy the breeze from the AC.  Then she
will get fluffy and sit next to the vent.  She will stay for a minute or
two and then come to you with her cold feet.  Since she like to do this,
we don't really care.  The problem is, I read some posting saying that
bird cannot get too cold.  Some vet said that if we feel the room is
cold, it is probably too cold for the bird.  Does anyone have a tiel
that likes cold?  Is it ok for 'PoPo' to do this or we should prevent
her from doing so?

Thanks in advance...