Sycamores-Bird safe?????

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Sycamores-Bird safe?????

Post by gl.. » Fri, 30 Apr 1993 11:37:39

Just a quick question. Does anyone know if sycamores are bird safe. We have a
large oriental sycamore in our back yard which has several low branches on it
that will have to be cut off so I can safely mow under it this year. There are
several sections in these branches that would make good perches for my
***atiel but I dont want to use it if sycamore is not bird safe. The tree is
not sprayed for bugs and it is not exposed to passing car fumes so it should be
ideal otherwise. BTW, Charlie (the bird) is sitting on my shoulder as I type
this. She is fascinated by my hands as I type and on some occassions will walk
down my arm and rest on my forearm or wrist to see what all the movement is
about. She has tried chewing on the keys but they are too tough for her to
damage. She also tried walking on the keyboard but I quickly discouraged that
idea (I have enough trouble with nonsense words without her help).

Anyway, if you know the answer on sycamores, please e-mail me at

Graeme Lindbeck.