twisted beak macaw

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twisted beak macaw

Post by Patty-anne L » Fri, 23 Dec 1994 15:35:50

I have a 13 month old blue and gold macaw. He has a twist in his beak which
we file down very gradually on the advice of local vet.
He also has a problem with his nails curling up.
My question is, is there any dietary intervention that will help correct
this condition. He is a gentle bird and regular filing is keeping things under control.
I wonder if anyone else has had to deal with the same problem.
His friend is an African Grey and there is no problem with that bird. Just
the blue and gold.
Thanks for any input..
Patty-anne Lea B.C. Canada


twisted beak macaw

Post by Patty-anne L » Sun, 25 Dec 1994 10:41:22


>What has your vet told you so far?


Alison, so far the vet has filed the beak and claws and taught us to do the same.
He also suggested a fiberglass orthrodonic type appliance but had only read of
 the procedure and it was iffy at best.
We don't have an avian vet on Vancouver Island, B.C. as far as I can find out.
A breeded suggested that inclusion or exclusion of some food groups may make a difference but we don't know which ones.
In the mean time the birs is happy, a real goof in his affectionate displays and generally the boss of the house.
My husband enters the house says "How's my big bird, then,( the blue and gold macaw how's my wigget (the African Grey) and follows with oh hi hun. so I know where I stand at least. Right behind the birds.
All kidding aside, except that there is a cosmetic fault, the bird does,t seem to mind. We just are concerned because he is young and don't want any later problems to develope. If anyone knows of a vet in B.C. Canada. Please pass on the information.

Thanks and have a good Christmas. Patty-anne Lea