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African Parrot Society

Post by Wayne G. Morris » Thu, 06 May 1993 05:56:45

A few weeks ago, someone posted information about the African Parrot
Society.  I dutifully copied down the address and sent my check to join.
Today, I got my first (quarterly) issue of _The African Ark_, which is
the APS' newsletter.  I also got a note saying that the check I sent was
$3 more than what I needed to have sent, and my subscription was bumped
up by an issue to account for it.  So this is to inform other owners of
African parrots who happen to be procrastinators (I'd fall into this,
but my wife handed me a check to drop in the mail) and have yet to send
in their money that the fee is USA$15 (USA$20 for non-USA countries) and
not $18.  The address to send to is:

                        African Parrot Society
                        P.O. Box 204
                        Clarinda, IA

For those who are interested, here's the table of contents of this issue
(Spring '93):

        From the Editor
        Breeding the Ru:ppell's Parrot
        Disturbed Mommas and Poppas
        All About Greys
        The Breeding of the Lesser Vasa Parrot
        Feeding Your Birds
        Nikki's Corner
        Breeding Timneh African Grey Parrots
        The Post-Purchase Exam
        Close Encounters of the Senegal Kind
        From the Co-editor

I can't comment on the articles because I haven't had a chance to read
it yet.

                        Wayne Morrison