Potty training Bill, Bill, Bill

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Potty training Bill, Bill, Bill

Post by WH LAMBD » Sat, 08 Nov 1997 04:00:00


>  To share your discovery selflessly with countless others, most of whom you
>dont know, or have never met, indicates to me that you are a true bird
>fancier and a gentleman.       Lawrence Lumley.

Thank you.

What Shar doesn't seem to get is that after the accidents stopped, Buddy
was potty trained

However; it is dangerous to completely link going potty to one specified
location because you can't always get the bird to that location, and it is
bad on the bird to hold it for too long. You also want the bird to be
conditioned to go potty on command.

Sometimes I have Buddy relieve himself on a s***peice of paper, or
directly into a wastebasket.

If you stop the positive reinforcement, birds will forget.

WHL (Bill)
With Buddy (PF lovebird), and Scampy (Lutino***atiel)

"There are only two opinions that matter to me. Neither of them is yours."
(WHL 9-97)