Hahn's macaw

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Hahn's macaw

Post by Karen Pittm » Sat, 18 Sep 1993 06:25:37

Would anyone reccommend Hahn's (aka Noble) Macaws as pets?  I saw one
post with a less-than-favorable view, but would like other opinions.
They are available sometimes from a local breeder, and I am interested.
If I get another bird, I'd like one a little larger than my Quaker, but
not much.  I'd like a bird who's playful, smart, and friendly, and can
get along with other family members (husband, stepdaughter and, from the
comfort of his own cage, Max the Quaker). So, does anyone have stories,
recommendations, etc?  Thanks!



Hahn's macaw

Post by Jenifer P. Tidwe » Sat, 18 Sep 1993 07:31:45

Actually, Hahn's macaws are not quite the same as the noble macaws.
The noble macaws have a horn-colored (light) upper mandible, whereas
the Hahn's macaws' beaks are all dark grey.  I am under the impression
that Hahn's macaws are smaller, too, though I don't know if that's

In any case, I've had my Hahn's macaw, Charlie, since he was weaned.
(He's two now.)  He is very sweet to me, and he loves to cuddle; he's
a sucker for a head-scratching session.  He does not imitate words
very well (he's managed "Hello", "Hi Charlie", and "Oh boy"), but he
imitates sounds well, and often chatters loud nonsense in a way that
sounds remarkably like human speech.  He's been trying to whistle
lately, I think.  He screams when he's frightened or when he's in a
strange place without me, but they're not *that* loud.

I wouldn't say he's the world's smartest bird -- he is not as intelligent
as my father's double yellowhead, for instance -- but he surprises me
sometimes.  He can be very devious at getting what he wants. :-)  And
he's clearly not stupid.   Also, he deals well with being alone during
the day, while I'm at work; he seems to entertain himself quite well.

He is occasionally nippy, but we've been working on that.  After all,
he's going through his "terrible twos" right now, so I expect him to
be cantankerous sometimes.  He also hates my fiance, but I hear that's
normal for any bird.  :-)  (Again, we're working on that -- lots of
progress last weekend!)

Overall, Charlie's a great little bird.  I wouldn't trade him for any
other kind!  

                                        - Jenifer


 Cambridge, MA                      (617) 873-2059


Hahn's macaw

Post by P. David Gardn » Sat, 18 Sep 1993 09:24:43

: Would anyone reccommend Hahn's (aka Noble) Macaws as pets?  I saw one
: post with a less-than-favorable view, but would like other opinions.

I've had mine for about two and a half years now, and I'd recommend them.
Make sure that, like any other bird, they pick you and not vice versa.
Give lots of attention.  Milo, my Hahn's, is very comical, but she can
scold us if we leave her in the cage too long after we get home, and like
any Macaw, she can be LOUD!  But she's got a great sense of humor, and
loves to create new sentences out of the words she's learned.  Gets along
pretty well with the cats and monkey, too.  Oh, and when they're out, give
them almost all (if not all) of your attention; having a bird on your
shoulder while you're at the computer might seem like a good idea, but she
gets bored of that real fast and wants to run down my arm to peck the keys
along with me, making it pretty hard to type.

Dave Gardner in The Animal House, South Pasadena, CA


Hahn's macaw

Post by Tom Li » Sun, 19 Sep 1993 01:47:14


> Would anyone reccommend Hahn's (aka Noble) Macaws as pets?  I saw one
> post with a less-than-favorable view, but would like other opinions.

We've had Mr Chips for two years now and he is a joy.  I call him my little
buddy since he likes to cuddle and spend time with me wherever I might be
in the house.  He knows when his time out of the cage is and will protest
if the family ignores him during "his" time.  He can be fairly loud, but
usually doesn't carry on for long because he knows it doesn't get a
response.  He is nowhere near as loud as our blue-fronted Amazon, who
thankfully keeps her shouts to a minimum in the morning and at sunset.
We've found that we need to be consistent with the little guy as he thinks
he is a large macaw.  Mattie Sue Athans book, "Guide to a Well Behaved
Parrot" has been an excellent source for us.  We no longer let Chips get on
our shoulders and, after a short adjustment period, he is becoming
remarkably well adjusted to staying on our hands.  He also seems much
calmer and content.  He is smart...  He plays peek-a-boo  -  and says the
word when he does. He tells us when to cover the birds cages with a
"Nite-Nite."  He greets us with a "Good Morning." before we start to
uncover the cages.  He tells everyone "bye-bye" when they are leaving and
he says it quite loudly when he thinks guests have stayed to long.  His
speech is not as clear as an amazon or grey, but it is easily understood
and he continues to learn and relate to new words.  I could go on and on,
but hopefully you get the picture.

All the best, and do let the bird pick you.    Tom...

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