Blue Headed Pionus Breeders

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Blue Headed Pionus Breeders

Post by Dan Fletch » Sun, 11 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I recently lost my beloved white faced grey***ateil Bella.  I
miss her terribly and feel horribly guilty about her death (my
landlord's Jack Russel Terrier got into my apartment while she
was out on her playpen and I was out in the yard).  She was a
wonderful friend and I know that no bird could ever replace
her in my heart (she was my first bird).  But, I do miss having
a bird and I would like to find out if there are any good breeders
of Blue Headed Pionus in the Bay Area.

I saw two Blue Headed Pionus(es? i?) at a bird show a few months
ago and fell in love with their beautiful, huge eyes and their
VERY SWEET personalities.  They seem like they'd make wonderful
pets.  I have a few questions about these birds.  First, the cage
I have is a large (30" wide by 16" deep by 28" high) galvanized
wire cage from Country Cages.  Would this type of cage be OK for
a Pionus?  Also, have there been any articles in Bird Talk recently
about these birds?  I looked through my back issues and couldn't
find anything.  I'd like to learn more.

I know that no other bird could ever replace Bella in my heart, but
she taught me a great deal about birds (she was my first bird) and
I hope that I'll be a better bird owner the second time around.  I
have secured the entry my landlord's dog used to get into my apartment
and will NEVER leave a bird out of the cage when I'm not in the
apartment again.  Thanks in advance for any information you can

Dan Fletcher