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Am. Tarantula Society

Post by kathleen richar » Thu, 25 Nov 1993 04:29:51

We picked this flyer up at a recent show, so I thought I would share
it here.  I have not yet contacted these people, but I intend to.
I have no knowledge of any of these people, but the flyers were
distributed on the tables of the several tarantula breeders at the
show, so I am assuming some validity.  


    The Journal of the American Tarantula Society

    EDITOR:  Robert Gale Breene III
    EDITORIAL BOARD:  James W. Berry, James C. Cokendolpher, D. Allen Dean,  
                      G.B. Edwards, William B. Peck, Rick C. West  


    PRESIDENT:  Barbara H. Moore, 11217 Fogelson Court, Indianapolis, Indiana
                46229 USA

    VICE-PRESIDENT:  Stephen Skinner, 17336 Harper #102, Detroit, Michigan
                     48224-1963 USA

    MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY:  Elizabeth S.R.A. Sweeten, P.O. Box 3594, South Padre
                           Island, Texas  78597 USA

    SECRETARY:  Joanne Skinner, 17336 Harper #102, Detroit, Michigan
                48224-1963 USA


        Annual membership $15.00 (L 10.00 Europe and elsewhere) to:

                       Dr. R. G. Breene
                       P.O. Box 3594
                       South Padre Island, Texas
                       78597 USA

        All other correspondence to:

                       Barbara H. Moore
                       11217 Fogelson Court
                       Indianapolis, Indiana
                       46229  USA          


  "It must be quite frightening for people to have to breathe air
   they can't see!"               -R.H.  1993