Mighty Mice-Frozen Mice and Rats

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Mighty Mice-Frozen Mice and Rats

Post by MityMi » Mon, 06 Nov 1995 04:00:00

MIGHTY MICE is on the way and wants to supply you with all of your frozen
mice and rat needs. We have everything--pinkies, fuzzies, hoppers and
***s. All of our stock is from Harlan Sprague and are fed laboratory
pellets (not dog food).

Mice and rats are frozen individually prior to packaging in order to
prevent lumping and sticking after packaging. All orders are shipped via
UPS, Fedex or Airborne. Visa/MC are accepted. Quantify discounts are

The following are our prices (not including shipping):

Pinkies                 .35
Fuzzies                 .35
Hoppers                 .40
***s                  .50

Pinkies/Fuzzies          .75
Small  3-4"                1.25
Medium 4-6"                1.50
Large  6-8"                1.75
Jumbo (over one lb.)    2.75

For question, quotes or orders:
Phone  (702) 658-0921
Give us a try for your next order.