Grandis gecko Dead, Nevermind 8<

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Grandis gecko Dead, Nevermind 8<

Post by ROBB KRAU » Mon, 02 Jan 1995 10:44:17

        After a nice misting The Gecko's green came back a
        little bit.  He was perched upon his rock quite nat-
        urally but falied to move or respond to my flashlight
        "test".  I gave him a couple more hours and he still
        hadn't moved so I moved the rock he was on.  Didn't
        even phase him.  I turned the rock over a little to
        "prompt" a response or movement.  No dice.  Turned the
        rock a little more and he fell off and landed in the
        same position he was perched in-- he was stiff as a
        board.  I wasted no time in calling the pet shop and
        the owner was sympathetic and admitted that the Gecko
        looked a little thin when I took it home.  (now I know
        what a thin gecko looks like)  Stress is the pre-
        diagnoses. ( although I did my best to minimize it )

        I hope my SO doesn't find the gecko in the fridge where
        I'm storing it till tomorrow.

        Story of my Life

                Robb K.