Turtle, Sea Turtle and Tortoise Websites

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Turtle, Sea Turtle and Tortoise Websites

Post by grenar » Tue, 28 May 1996 04:00:00

The following turtle, sea turtle and tortoise websites can be
found as links on the following website:


National Marine Fisheries Service (U.S.A.) - series of articles on
sea turtles, recovery plants and on turtle excluder devices.

Turtle Trax  (featuring Hawaiian green turtle fibropapilloma problem)
Sea Turtle Fibropapilloma Info Site - from vetmed - Unif of Fla
Tortoise Mycoplasma Infection - also from U Fl vetmed
Tortoise Land (from Japan - in English and Japanese)
Florida Net Sea Turtle Website
Tortoise Trust from the U.K.
Texas A&M Sea Turtle Research Website
Institute of Marine Biology of Crete (Mediterranean sea turtles)
Dr. David Kirkpatrick's Turtle Info Website
Teppo's Turtle Website
Slocoach Tortoise Website
Turtles - a children book on turtles (excerpts)
Herp-Watch - feature on turtle-napping in Florida
Anti-Smuggling Website - featurtes on tortoise thefts in the U.S.
 and in Madagascar

If you have a website you'd like to see added please contact the
undersigned. Thank you.

Steve Grenard