Fat-tailed Geckos

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Fat-tailed Geckos

Post by foos » Mon, 23 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I have two questions about the fat-tailed gecko:

Is it common to experience problems with feeding when they are initially
purchased because it has been a week and it might have eaten 1 cricket at
most but I purchased it with a healthy fat tail and the assistant believed
that it had just shed but it was also just brought into the store that day
from someone who didn't want it.  It also has possible burns or loss of
parts of a toe on the back foot that were observed.  If anything can be done
to make food more desirable or feed mealworms, that info would be greatly
appreciated.  I can't see it taking down 20 crickets a week as some care
sheets suggest but if so then it is obviously under par.

The second  question is premature but does anyone know of the various color
phases that are possible and if the white stripe is *** or recessive.
Any assistance on sexing would also be appreciated but for the time being,
the food and health is my main concern.

Thank you for responses.
Thomas Foose