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Post by Megan Walke » Wed, 17 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Please read.  I know it's long.

I've recently decided to pursue my interest in herps further.  I have been
keeping a variety of reptiles since I was about 13.  I'm 18 now.  I've kept
mostly snakes like Colombian boas and ball pythons.  I've also kept kings,
and corns.  I have kept firebelly toads, pac man frogs, white's tree frogs
and land crabs.  House geckos, water dragons, bearded dragons, leopard
geckos, anoles, and more.
    About 3 months ago I decided to pursue my interest in breeding.  I was
convinced to try Leopard geckos and Pareodura pictus.  So I went along, took
out a $3,000 loan and starting making purchases.   I currently have about 15
Pictus Geckos and 4 Leo's.  I REALLY like the pictus.  Although I've
realized they aren't money makers.  Just rabbits.  I am not too crazy about
the leo's as I jumped right into this and I should have started with
hatchling leo's and bred next season.  I'm learning from my mistakes, but
need tons of help and advice to make my dreams come true.  My current
intentions are to part with ALL but one of my leo's who I'd like to keep as
a pet.  I intend to purchase hatchlings throughout the spring for next year.
I'd like to continue with my pictus.  I love them.  I'd like to pursue other
species.  I need business and breeding advice from anyone currently working
with many species.  Please DONT respond if you are a hobbyist or someone not
experienced with keeping a variety of species and maintaining them as a
profitable business.   I REALLY NEED HELP HERE.   ALL info, suggestions and
help would be greatly appreciated.  If I left something out just Let Me

Thanks for the long read.  Megan