Emperor Scorpion Feeding Tech.

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Emperor Scorpion Feeding Tech.

Post by kathleen richar » Fri, 12 Feb 1993 09:59:52

Well, I finally convinced the Emperor Scorpion that lives with
me to have a nice juicy, dipped in Repti-Vite cricket.  What I
did was wait until the scorpion was out on its big rock and
offer it the cricket held in some long tweezers.  It grabbed the
cricket (and the tweezers I might add!) and hung on for a moment,
eventually releasing the tweezers and proceeded to stuff the cricket
slowly into its mouth over a period of some 10-15 minutes.  For
awhile now I think I will offer it food this way once a week
or so.

According to "Arachnomania: The General Care and Maintenance of
Tarantulas & Scorpions", scorpions can go awhile without eating.

It says:  "All scorpions currently offered in the pet trade will
feed readily on crickets and mealworms and the large species
will also feed on prekilled small mice.  The smaller species
should be offered correspondingly smaller insects such as half
grown mealworms or 2-3 week old crickets instead of 4-6 week
olds.  The prey can be placed in the enclosure or, with some of
the less nervous species, it can be offered pre-killed off of long
forceps to the individual animals by bringing the prey close to
their mouth parts.  The larger species will readily take large
crickets or large mealworms (Zoophobas) in this manner and will
eventually grab the prey in their claws.  Emperor scorpions will
actually take food out of their owners' hands even while handled.
If live prey is introduced into the vivarium, crickets should have
their legs pinched at the "knee" joints which will cause them to
drop their hind legs.  This will allow them to be more readily
captured by scorpions.  Mealworms should be pinched at midbody and
placed in a shallow dish or there is a risk that they will burrow
into the substratum before a scorpion can find them.  All insects
should be well fed and given a source of water such as oranges prior
to feeding.  ...  One of the nice features of scorpions is that many
species can fast for weeks and even months (desert species such as
Hadrurus) without any serious consequences.  ...  Most *** scorpions
will fare well on a feeding regimen of one to two prey items of an
appropriate size once a week.  A number of desert species will fare
well on feeding regimens whereby prey is offered every two or three
weeks.  Baby scorpions should be offered food twice a week."  p.66

I have to say that at this point I do not pre-kill any of my prey,
although the mealworms I offered went completely unnoticed when I
just dropped them in.  I am waiting for some of the larger variety
to be delivered and then I will try to offer them using the "tweezer
technique".  I really don't know what to say about the idea of hand-
ing my Emperor Scorpion food straight from my hand except to say ...
um ... not a chance, thank you very much!!!! <I am allergic to bee
stings and do not wish to push my luck!>

'Hope this helps!


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