Help Help Sick Burmeese Help Help

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Help Help Sick Burmeese Help Help

Post by mg0.. » Sat, 10 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Can someone help me.  This snake will be going to my herp vet in the
morning, but any info is very much appriciated.  

Within the last day one of my burmeese has developed a skin condition.  She
is getting little fluid filled blisters in between her scales.  The are
multiplying rapidly.  She had maybe 3 of them yesterday, which we thought
might have been due to streching bucause she ate 2 rabbits, but today she
had about 100 of them.  We caled the vet, but the her specialist will not be
in until 6/9/95, and they couldn't help us.  I cleaned the blisters with
some ***,them swabed them with batidine sweab, then soaked her in
disinfectant for reptiles (non harmful to life) and then applied a
dehydrating antibiotic topical ointment.  Is this O.K.  I don't know much
about reptile microbiology, any info on the cause and remedy of the microbe
or virus that causes this blister would be greatly appriciated.  Please

Thanks in advance:

Hi my name is Mike