New Herp Keeping Software(CWH Herp Keeper)

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New Herp Keeping Software(CWH Herp Keeper)

Post by Doug Gra » Tue, 06 Jan 1998 04:00:00


        I have been creating a new software product for anyone who keepes
herps.  I wrote it mainly because I wasn't satisfied with the other
record keeping software I have tried in the past.  If you are interested
in recieving a *FREE*, *FULLY FUNCTIONING* copy for beta testing please

the Subject title "CWH Herp Keeper-Beta Edition" and I will try to send
you a zipped file including the instruction manual and the program to
you with Setup Instructions.

Windows 95 Operating System
Microsoft Office 97 or Microsoft Excel 97
2MB of space on your drive C:\
2MB of space for each animal you wish to enter

Jake Weaver
Central Washington Herpetoculture