Greatest Herp Store in NYC

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Greatest Herp Store in NYC

Post by Derek Jokels » Sat, 11 Mar 1995 05:51:23

   In the recomendation of an article I read here a few months back I went
to Lizards Breath 2000.  Let me say that I did not expect much as most
stores are not very good, but this store was incredible.  Every herp in
the store had enough room and light and were all well fed.  There were no
visable health problems in any of the herps I saw.  

   It gets better though. The owner was extrememly nice and very
knowledable.  He told me alot about the care of iguanas and other
species.  He breeds his entire stock and builds all the vivariums he uses
(except some aquarium tanks for the smaller enclosures).  As a matter of
fact, he said he would help me build my own.  I'm going back next week for
a more detailed discussion on the topic.

   For any one interested in buying a herp in NYC I would definately
recomend this store.  While I was there a customer came in ho was having
problems with his snake.  The owner offered to keep the snake for  a week
or two and fatten it up or to exhange the snake.  

   All in all, it was one of the best Herp experiences I have had.  

Derek Jokelson :)


Greatest Herp Store in NYC

Post by gren.. » Mon, 13 Mar 1995 04:32:05

Although I have no financial connection with it  I would also
like to recommend Pet-a-Believe It on New Dorp Lane in S.I.  They also have
a beautiful, clean and well run herp dept.  They have large iguanas lounging
around, free of their cages, basking under lights, a turtle pond and
they always have a good range of supplies and food.  There is a full time
herp "manager" and I am very impressed with their operation.

They also have a great selection of beautiful captive born birds, many of
whom (is it "which"?) start talking to you as soon as you pass by on your way
to the herp room.

Steve Grenard