mice/cages and question.

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mice/cages and question.

Post by Ed Dowtor » Tue, 04 May 1993 23:37:30

>I looked into getting these about five years ago to house my feeders in. I was
>able to find a pet store that could order them from one of their suppliers,
>didn't order them, because the supplier wanted ~$65.00 EACH for them.         y

i was lucky enough to find used ones at yesterdays rep. swap.  i got two
smaller ones (sopposedly can keep 1m-3f mice colony) with bottles for $10 ea.
there were also larger ones w/o bottles for $15 each.   $10 for cage, $2 for
four mice, $4 for BIG bag of pine shavings...  doesn't seem too bad... just
have to find a source of cheap mouse food.  anyone know of a feed store on
N/W side of chicago(land)?

on the subject of food:  i bought this hand labeled "iggy's iguana diet:
nutritionally complete food" that my ig won't touch.  it's finer and smells
stronger than NUTRI-GROW (which i bought yesterday for 1st time).  the thing
is that if i can make it into "rodent blocks" by wetting it and letting it
dry out, but i wonder if it'll be fine for the mice.  there isn't much of it
so i would only use it as a "treat" for them till it's gone.

also:  anything on mice husbandry i need to know?  besides providing them
with food, water, and cleaning out their cage 1-2/week? i think they're at 70F
, near a window, so they have a natural chicago style light cycle.

thanx....   ed.

ps.:  the baby rainbow is doing ok.  eats regularly (2pinks+/week), has shed
in one piece, and is quite active once the lights go out.  big THANK *YOU*
for all the advice!!!  :)   <- happy baby boa owner!  :)