Iguana question (new iguana now)

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Iguana question (new iguana now)

Post by Shawn Saraz » Wed, 13 Oct 1993 10:08:59

Once again, I am posting for my roommate.  Thanks to all who replied
concerning his other question.  Please send all reply via email, as I don't
read this newsgroup.

I recently acquired and iguana who is severely malnourished.  It is almost
white in color.  Presently, I am feeding it a mixture of Zeigler iguana food
pellets and brocolli.  Is this combination going to be enopugh to nurse it
back to a healthy condition, or will I need a liquid vitamin supplement.
Iguana is approx 3 feet long, whitish/green in color and it's arms and legs
have very little muscle.

Please reply using email.

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