My male Western Hoggie Loves Froggies!!!!

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My male Western Hoggie Loves Froggies!!!!

Post by Jeff Wagne » Mon, 11 Mar 2002 12:47:30

 I bought a pair of western hoggies about a month ago. The female has
eaten great but the male has refused to eat the whole time. I really
like these guys and really wanted to get them eating good.
 Well after pinkie after pinkie and refusal after refusal I decided to
buy a small tree frog to see if he would like that.
 I no sooner put the frog in and WHAM!! he bolted after that thing like
he had wings. That little snake flat whooped that frogs ass. I filmed
him eating it after the initial attack. I fed him in his tank not
realizing how sticky frogs are and the substrate was sticking to the
frog so i moved them into a feeding container and he didnt let go of
the frog during the move. I filmed him after he got in the container.
Not the greatest footage but i will edit it up to a nice short series
and put it on my webpage here soon.
 I am SO happy my little hoggie ate! I will now tgry to scent pinkies
with those little frogs as $5 a frog is a little steep for feeders.


Jeff Wagner
Corvallis Oregon

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