Help/Painted Turtle eggs

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Help/Painted Turtle eggs

Post by Pete Zupi » Fri, 19 Jul 1996 04:00:00

One of my painted turtles laid 2 eggs today. I've had the turtles for about
12 years and this is only the second time I found eggs(the first time they
were broken). I never saw the turtles "get busy" with eachother, so I dont
know if the eggs are fertile. The eggs were laid in the water container, I
dont know if that would have caused any damage to the eggs (I dont know how
long they were in the water). I took the eggs out and put them in some most
potting soil. ??what temp should I keep the eggs at?? ?how moist? should I
use something other than the potting soil? Besides waiting to see if they
mold how could I tell if they are bad/good?


It's odd, I've found all the info I could find to try to breed/incubate
V.albigularis(white-throated monitors) eggs but I know nothing about the
turtle eggs.....after 12 years I was not expecting them to lay eggs :)

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