Rubber Boa off-feed

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Rubber Boa off-feed

Post by Robert Niec » Sat, 18 Mar 1995 19:19:13

I happened to obtain an injured *** boa last July. His (her?) tail was
slightly damaged, but "Felix" ate a pinkie after about 2 weeks, then a fuzzy
another 2 weeks later anyway. However, Felix has refused food since. I'm
afraid my knowledge on this species is somewhat lacking. Can anyone help?


Chris Niece


Rubber Boa off-feed

Post by Dallas Coop » Wed, 22 Mar 1995 13:10:48

hey how are you;

 i have 5 *** boas at the moment ( with the permits that i need ) and
found that only one is an irregular feeder, its a male.
 he just became irregular within the last year, untill then he would eat
any pinky or fuzzy dead, then he stopped. the confusing thing was that he
would sometimes eat, with weekes between each feeding, he would eat more
but less often.

 now i have him on live fuzzies and he eats constantly. he, unlike the
females that i have, can't be disturbed at all or he will leave the food
and not touch touch it. this makes it kinda difficult to feed him as he
isn't a great hunter, the food has to be right on him or he won't eat

 all the *** boas that i have are rather inept at finding the water
dishes for some reason so a good idea is to have a moist hide box,
somewhat like what one would use for leapord geckos. this box will help keep the little
guys from de-hydrating. ( i read somewhere that the *** boas weren't
to good at finding water dishes and didn't believe it untill i saw it,
the book suggests soaking the snakes, but i found that the box works, and
if you have a particularly shy animal you may not want to disturb it too
much )

 you could try feeding yours worms and small lizards and small snakes if
it continues to avoid the pinkies and fuzzies.  i had a large female eat
a male that was with her for breeding purposes, so i have first hand
experience in the snake eating habit of *** boas.
 the cool part of the cage is at 76 and the rest of the cage ranges from
82 - 89.  the box is the hottest part of the cage.

 i can't think of anything else off hand, so if you have any questions
drop me a line, i may be of some help yet.

   Socks up
    david veljacic ;-)

 ps - if you are in the pacific northwest you will have to have permits
to legally keep the *** boa.