Help with Anole Eye!!!

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Help with Anole Eye!!!

Post by Helen Che » Thu, 23 Mar 1995 04:26:04

Hello there-

I'm a relatively new reader of this newsgroup, so this may be a FAQ but
please help if you can. My green anole is having problems with one of
eyes.  She keeps it shut and is constantly scratching and rubbing it.
appetite is ok, and she is active, but I recall recently reading about
similar problem someone else posted and would appreciate any
on this subject.  I also recall someone suggesting that it may be due
dusting the crickets with calcium powder.  I cut back on the dusting
frequency when I read this, but still she developed this problem.  BTW,
also dust the lettuce I feed my iguana with the same calcium
supplement, should I be worried about my iguana's eyes?

Any information on how I can care for my anole's eye and prevent future
such incidents would be greatly appreciated.  So the rest of you don't
to read all the postings, you can email any suggestions to me at


- Helen