FS: herp set-up (Chicago area)

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FS: herp set-up (Chicago area)

Post by <a.. » Fri, 03 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I have a 30 gal complete set-up for a lizard (or other herp for that
matter).  Willing to accept any reasonable offer (originally over $200)

It comes COMPLETE with:
30 gal aquarium with screen top
Light fixture and new VITALITE bulb
2 undertank heaters
Duetto water pump (for filtering or waterfall), water dish / pond
moss and bark substrate, ornamental plants (fake), large driftwood
strip thermometer, vitamins, calcium, and medicine

Everything you need to get started with a young iguana, water dragon,
basilisk, etc.

Also, I would be willing to sell a juvenile water dragon.  It is a very
healthy farm-breed long term captive.  It is about an 18" year-old.