Iguana Harness? [was Re: iguana on star trek]

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Iguana Harness? [was Re: iguana on star trek]

Post by Drago » Tue, 29 Mar 1994 01:22:10

>did anyone see that ig on star trek, tng?  it was very beautiful.  i can't
>wait until mine are that big.

It was very nice ... gave me some sort of reference, actually, in comparing
my ig .. who's battlescared and mottled. ;)

>speaking of this iguana, why did a cat de-evolve into an iguana?  did cats
>evolve from reptiles?  weirdness.

I remember the episode tried to explain things by suggesting that because
of the time span and the interbreeding and stuff, people will have mixtures
of these funky dormant (insert biology mumbo jumbo here, though I think it
actually had some degree of accuracy).  All creatures, not just people.
That explains why the captain was becoming a lemur, and some of the other
humans became neanderthols, and Troy became an amphibian.

I think the Iguana they had looked QUITE amusing with the cat's collar
around it's neck. ;)  I just wish they hadn't masked purring noises over

To keep this in the flavor of the newsgroup: What about collars, and that
sorta thing?  I'd like to take my iguana out for walks, as the previous
owner used to do this, but I don't have a harness or any sort of closed
area for her, and I'm hesitant to take her outside until (A) it gets warm,
and (B) she gets used to the area (and me!) enough that she won't take off
in a flash.  I understand they have sorta leather harnesses for them that
go around their chest or something ... but I've never seen them in pet
stores.  (haven't looked much, granted)



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