Day Gecko/Giant Day Gecko

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Day Gecko/Giant Day Gecko

Post by Broc » Thu, 20 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I am considering adopting a Gecko, possibly a Day Gecko.  I have thought
about Leopard Geckos, but find the Day Gecko's coloration and ability to
cling to vertical surfaces more interesting.

I am looking for tips on keeping Day Geckos, and have not been very
successful in finding much information on the Web.  Does anyone have tips on
the proper care (diet, health, herbarium/terrarium setup including heating
and humidity requirements, etc.).

I know that the Leopard Gecko is easier to care for and is highly
recommended as a pet, but I'd rather not buy a Gecko that I don't really

Any tips and advice would be appreciated.




Day Gecko/Giant Day Gecko

Post by Broc » Sat, 22 Aug 1998 04:00:00

<<I've got 5 Day Geckos currently, with two eggs that are about to hatch.  I
also like the coloring of the Day Geckos, but be aware that you can't really
handle them.  The only time I have held mine is when they escaped from their
cage during a cleaning.>>

I understand about the handling...and I agree about the coloring.  That (and
the ability to climb vertical surfaces) is the main reason I am considering
the Day Geckos rather than the Leopard Gecko.

<<There are care sheets on the web for Day Geckos, and a book (caring for
Day Geckos, or something similar, by Sean McGeon) that you can get for more
information.  I really like my little pets--they are fun to watch.  They can
be kinda messy, because they will poop where ever, but you can clean it off
about once a week with water while the geckos are still in the cage.  I have
had mine since last
October, and have only had to tear down the cage once for a throrough
cleaning.  We also have a fountain in the corner that keeps the humidity
high.  I have to dismantle that about once a month because crickets clog the
pump.  Monica>>

Thanks Monica.  We currently have three turtles (a snapper, a Florida Red
Belly, and a box turtle), three salamanders (a dusky, a slimy, and a shovel
nose), and two frogs (a green tree frog and a southern leopard frog).  So
cleaning one more cage every week or two won't be a problem.  I appreciate
your response and will continue to do some homework searching for info.  It
will be several months (at least) - probably next summer - before we decide
to get the Gecko.



Day Gecko/Giant Day Gecko

Post by BiKaHoLi » Sat, 22 Aug 1998 04:00:00

try   It should have the general info you need,  but I
really reccomend you get that book by Sean McGeon.   It has everything you
need to know and describes each species, with its general care.