Forsale: Fish&Tank, Ball Python&Cage, Chameleons&cages, Northern VA

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Forsale: Fish&Tank, Ball Python&Cage, Chameleons&cages, Northern VA

Post by Jeff Balderso » Fri, 07 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Due to some new developments at work, I should be traveling more and won't
be able to care for some of my children as well anymore.


30 Gallon (long) fish tank.  Measures 36"lx13"wx15"h (approx).  Comes with
standard metal stand, Hood/light, undergravel filter, Whisper 2 Filter,
two whisper air pumps (one for each uplift tube and/or the air-bar),
gravel, plants logs and two fish.  The fish are: an 6" Tiger Shovelnose
catfish (carnivore, currently eating about a dozen rosy reds a week)  and
an 6" Hujeta (carnivore, looks similar to an alligator gar, but is more
silver and doesn't grow as big, probably to less than a foot)

I'd prefer not to split any of this up.  $130


32 Gal Lizard Lounge (about 2'w x 2.5'l x 1.5'h).  Comes complete with
under tank heater, light, lockable top, rock water bowl, plastic (I think,
not quite sure of the substance) realistic log to hide under, and I'll
throw in a digital thermometer.

The snake is Morticia, a Ball Python, very healthy (has been recently
given an exam, including fecal and ***work, both of which came back
good), VERY good eater (has NEVER refused food), 5 year old, about 4-4.5'
long (haven't actually measured her in a while), believed to be female,
haven't had the vet check.  Friendly.

$140, preferably to someone who already has a snake, or is an avid reptile
keeper.  (FYI, the best price I've seen on this Lizard Lounge is $130,
including the light, so you get Morticia for $10 more)


4 Jackson's Chameleons (1m, 3f)

Breeding group of Jackson's Chameleons (Chameleo jacksonii xantholophus),
healthy, good eaters, and they're about a month or two away from breeding
age.  Two screen cages, the one is 4.5'h x 1.75' x 1.75' and the other is
3'h x 1.5' x 1.5'.  Also included is a drip bottle system, a hibiscus
tree, two hibiscus bushes (one is in the same pot as the tree) and a
half-used bottle of vitamin powder, and two clamp-style light reflectors.

I definitely want these guys to go to someone who knows about chameleons,
since they're such high-maintenance pets.  

$160, which you'd have a hard time getting just the chameleons for that


Email me back if you are interested in any of the above.

/ Jeff Balderson                         ,,,   In ***space, no one can      \ (_)   ... but they're working on it
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Forsale: Fish&Tank, Ball Python&Cage, Chameleons&cages, Northern VA

Post by Bonnie Zunig » Sun, 09 Jun 1996 04:00:00

let me know if you have them available please