mail order locations for herps

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mail order locations for herps

Post by Peter P. Donoh » Tue, 24 Dec 1991 00:28:00

   Here is a summary of the responses that I received concerning mail
order locations for herps and herp supplies.  They are in alphabetical
order, not any order of preference.  Many thanks to those people who
have responded.
   I know this list is nowheres near complete.  If you have experience
with another breeder/wholesale outfit, let me know.  I will post
updates on this list as necessary.


Glades Herps
PO Box 3207
N. Ft. Meyers, FL 33918
Fax: (813)543-7480
They have a very good selection and take excellent care of their
animals (one big plus, they guarantee that every animal has eaten 5
times before it is sold).  Their prices are a little higher than most
other wholesale locations.

Gulf Coast Reptiles
12710-2 McGregor Blvd.
Fort Meyers, FL 33919
Fax: (813)433-3156
They have a decent selection and good prices.  I have heard some
questionable comments about their quality, especially that some snakes
are trouble eaters.  It seems that they will sell captive born snakes
before their first shed.

235 W. 9210 S.
Sandy, UT  84070
(801) 566-6743
They deal mainly with zoos (the company name is apropos) but sell to
anyone else interested.  They're mainly mail order but are open to the
local public Saturday's noon to four.  They run a clean place.  The
primary owner is a real PhD herpetology type and knows his stuff.
It's a small enough outfit that you're likely to get him answering the
phone.  The recent price list I have from him shows hundreds of herps
of all main branches.

Peter P. Donohue - University at Buffalo, Graduate School of Management