Best filter setup for a turtle tank?

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Best filter setup for a turtle tank?

Post by lorddra.. » Thu, 26 Aug 2004 19:58:49


I'm setting up my 110 gallon tank in a week or two, it's been a while -
it'll have a few turtles in it. Can any suggestion a good filter-setup to
me? Be it a cannister (whats the good model these days?), and something else
working in side?




Best filter setup for a turtle tank?

Post by getstuffe » Fri, 27 Aug 2004 10:52:36

Follow the link near my name at the bottom of the page.  
From there, go to "Projects," and click on the "red belly turtles" link.
Up at the top of the page is a link for headstarting these turtles.  Click
it and read on.

My setup for keeping these animals is described in detail here.  It ain't
pretty, but it's the very best I've used.
The New England Aquarium here in Boston has a similar setup for their
rbt's. I've never found anything commercially available that does even a
marginal job of keeping turtle water sparkling clear.  


Kurt Schatzl

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Best filter setup for a turtle tank?

Post by Grainne Gillespi » Fri, 27 Aug 2004 22:58:50

Get a filter that's easy to clean. Turtles are *** animals compared to
fish and the room can end up smelling "turtley" within a day due to turtle
poop and discarded food being heated in the water by the turtles' heater

Best filter setup for a turtle tank?

Post by AL » Sat, 28 Aug 2004 07:02:15

> me? >>

What I have found to be the best solution is to keep the tank nearly full of
water, and to buy some of those large aquarium castles and climbing rocks
and to put a ceramic tunnel (or eel tunnel with holes in it) over the top of
the castles & rocks in order to create areas where the turtles can climb up
and sun themselves. A turtle should have an exciting environment, so I like
to put in as much climbing areas as possible, while giving them swimming
space. Those ceramic tunnels and wooden bark hiding places make great spots
for the turtles to climb on and get some sun or Lamp-light.

If you keep the tank mostly full, keeping the water sparkling clean is not
hard. My solution is to get one of those outside the tank water filters
whose capacity is about triple what the tank normally requires. Then I
change the filters every week or two. The water is always crystal clear.
Right now I have a two water filters running. One is a double-sized and the
other is the standard size, so between the two I have triple the amount of
filtration that a fish-only tank would normally need.

I also keep a lot of tropical fish in the tank, as this makes it more
realistic for the turtles, and the tank is more interesting to look at with
the various fish mixed with the turtles and the decorations.

Good luck!



Best filter setup for a turtle tank?

Post by David Buchn » Sat, 28 Aug 2004 21:15:46


> I also keep a lot of tropical fish in the tank, as this makes it more
> realistic for the turtles,....

More realistic and *delicious* for the turtles...?

FWIW, I have a low-end solution. My aquarium is about 30 gallons, and
all my turtles are little youngsters, but there's enough of them that
they probably add up to a couple of sloppy ***s. And all I have for
filtering is the whole 2-foot-square bottom covered with under-gravel
filter plate, and two of the suction tubes that bubbles rise up through,
AND that only runs part of the day whenever our power is on.

I change about half the water about once a week, with a big siphon hose
so I can suck debris off the bottom. The tank stays healthy enough to
keep a handful of surviving neon tetras and a couple of big plecos