Anole Problem

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Anole Problem

Post by Paul J Holland » Sat, 11 Apr 1992 00:43:29

Roytman) writes:

>I've had a couple of anoles for about four months now and the larger
>one (Foo's Theorem: for any two reptiles A and B and quasi-order <,
>where X<Y iff Y is larger than X, either A<B or B<A -- you heard it
>here) has just realised that it's fun to chase the smaller one around.
>This results in the smaller one's having to hide under the plants most
>of the time and not getting enough exposure to heat and UV.  I think
>there's been some biting going on too.  Is this some sort of spring
>thing, or are we talking bad habit here?  If this is a habit in the
>making, what do I do about it?

>In case it's relevent, I'm using a 5.5 gal. plastic aquarium with a
>vented cover, ventilation holes, a climbing branch, and plenty of
>plastic plants.  The lizards are about 3-4in. snout-to-vent.  As I said,
>I haven't had this problem in the past, but is it possible that the
>cage is too small?  (I hope not.  There isn't enough space in my dorm
>room for a ten-gallon!)

Sounds to me as if you are getting some territorial behavior here.  The larger
is trying to chase the smaller out of its territory.  I don't know what size
territory anoles have in the wild.  And I'm not sure what you can do about it
except put the smaller in another tank.

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