Reptile Room

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Reptile Room

Post by JB » Wed, 01 Sep 2004 21:35:43


    I am currently working on coverting my bedroom into a reptile room,
and am
    looking for people's opions for the best housing and room layout
since this room
    is rather small (11' 5" L x 10' 3 1/2" W).

    I have done some reading, and I will continue but it has come to my
attention that
    what will best suite my needs is a custom built rack system, but if
I go this
    route I could possibly run into problems.

    I am currently using a fair amount of glass aquariums to house some
of my smaller
    lizards and turtles, they are in the following sizes 20 gallon long
and 10 gallon.
    Has anyone made an attempt to build an industrial rack, one which
could with stand
    a heafty amount of weight. If anyone could supply me with plans and
a material's
    list that would be wonderful

Thank you