Starplate connectors for iguana cage

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Starplate connectors for iguana cage

Post by stard.. » Fri, 01 Mar 1996 04:00:00

                 Does anyone out there have any info on
         Starplate connectors  used for geo dome type cages?

               I am interested in building one for my iguana.
 My iguana is just a baby now but I am trying to plan ahead.
                        I realize how quickly they grow!

               I am interested in the ease of assembly, quality of plans
 & product, and total weight of cage (ie: can I move it around after assembly)

If anyone knows where I can get a catalog and or price and amount
of 2x4's needed to complete the job, I would greatly appreciate it!

It appears to be a great solution for real sunlight and attractive appearance!

                                           Thanks in advance