Help this person: Forwarded s.b.h. post

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Help this person: Forwarded s.b.h. post

Post by LeeAnn We » Fri, 10 Feb 1995 07:25:55

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> (Rod B. Mitchell) Subject: Nervous system disorder?

> Feb 1995 03:28:58 GMT
> Organization: Illinois State University
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> I have a problem that is becoming very hard for me to solve.  Here goes:

> First of all I have to admit something, I work a pet store and am
> in charge of taking care of the herps.  I know that there are soooo
> many people against pet stores selling reptiles but the owner of where
> I work would sell the weather I worked there or not.  So I might as
> well try my damndest to keep the herps happy otherwise who knows who
> will.  Right?  Well this leads me to my problem.  We have a couple
> of snakes that have contracted a weird disease.
> First let me describe the two snakes:  A baby burm and a baby retic.  
> And for the decription of there symptoms:  Well to put in short they
> tie themselves in knots.  The don't eat.(Willingfully)  Both of them
> don't really move, they just lie on the floor of the quarantine tank
> all tied up in a knot.  I have been taking them to a local herp vet
> that is fairly good with herps, but by no means the best.  But I do
> trust him.  He has been injecting them with Baytril to see if the
> problem could possibly be bacterial.  The problem is this:  the owner
> of the store is is kinda a tight s.o.b. about money.  I think I
> have gotten him to let me get some testing done to find out what this
> is but what I need to know is what test do I need to do to find out
> what this is?  And how much will they cost?
>   Just a little more on the symptoms:  When you pick one up it seems
> to always turn its head sharply to the left or right and try to turn
> it upside down. This is really wierd is it not?

> Please help!!!

> Thank you in advance!!!!

> Rod