FREE Day Geckos

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FREE Day Geckos

Post by Joe Voorhe » Sat, 19 Dec 1992 02:10:02

If anyone out there in NetLand would like to have 2 or more captive-bred
specimens of Phelsuma quadriocellata, let me know. Here are a couple of
things to keep in mind:

1. I won't give them to anybody unless you're interested in breeding them.
2. I won't give them to anybody unless you're experienced with day geckos.
3. They're still juveniles, so I can't tell what sex they are yet.
4. If you have bred geckos in the past but have not had day geckos, I
   might consider giving some to you; let's talk.

You must realize that the reason I put forth these stipulations is due to
the rarity of these lizards; I'm sure a lot of novices would like to have
some, due to their beauty, but they have some very specific dietary and
environmental requirements (i.e., not for the beginner).

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