Glades Herps - how to get a price list

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Glades Herps - how to get a price list

Post by Peter P. Donoh » Sat, 23 Nov 1991 12:38:00

   I had posted before about getting price lists from Glades.  This
is in reference to an earlier offer I had made to members of the
herp mailing list.  I offered to fax to Glades with names of those
people who wanted copies of their price list (figuring it would be
cheaper for me to fax once at night than for each person to call
separately).  The post was just asking if the people on the fax had
received copies of the price list (which I've been told they have).
   If you want to get a copy of their price list, call them at
(813)543-6100, fax to (813)543-7480 or write PO Box 3207, N. Ft. Meyers,
FL 33918 and tell them you want a copy of their list.  Don't forget to
include your address.  They are open noon to 6 Mondays thru Saturday.


Peter P. Donohue - University at Buffalo, Graduate School of Management