Ball Python off feed

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Ball Python off feed

Post by Jay Brow » Thu, 27 Jun 1996 04:00:00


> Posted and mailed.

> >I have a 9 month old Ball that will not eat. I have tried pinkies, mice,
> >and small rats (both alive and pre-killed).

> Good start.  The usual magic trick is to offer a gerbil; balls prey on them
> in the wild, but not on Swiss Webster mice or Norway rats, so they often
> recognize gerbils as food items more readily than the others.  (Be careful
> about feeding live gerbils; them little suckers is tough!  Prekilled is best,
> stunned a second choice, and if you absolutely must offer a fully functional
> gerbil, monitor the feeding process *very* closely.)  You might also use a
> gerbil or gerbil litter to scent other feeders.  Brained pinkies work well for
> a lot of people, as does feeding in a pillowcase (put the snake and a
> *prekilled* feeder in a pillowcase or bag and leave them overnight---*IN* the
> vivarium, or you'll wake up to an empty pillowcase!).

I feed Drizzt, my ball python (who went seven months without eating) live gerbils, grasped by the tail with a hemostat. That
way I can control them.

> There's an Advanced Vivarium Systems book on balls, called _The Ball Python
> Manual_; it's by Philippe de Vosjoli and should be available at finer pet
> stores everywhere.  It contains a whole bunch of suggestions on getting
> reluctant feeders started, and is an excellent investment anyway.  I don't
> remember how much it costs, but I'm 99 and 44/100% sure it's under $20.

I got my copy for around $8.

> Above all, don't panic; balls can go a *long* time without food.  There's
> generally no need to worry unless the snake starts losing weight or showing
> signs of ill health.

> Good luck.  The usual pattern, BTW, is that you drive yourself to distraction
> trying to get the snake to eat, and it waits until you've nearly given up
> before suddenly, inexplicably, downing a meal and looking at you with a
> superior expression.

Preee-cisely. I was at the "If he won't take this one I'm going to have to force-feed him" point when I got Drizzt to eat a
gerbil fuzzy and a gerbil-scented rat.

Atalanta Pendragonne


Ball Python off feed

Post by Brian Linds » Fri, 28 Jun 1996 04:00:00

: I have a 9 month old Ball that will not eat. I have tried pinkies, mice,
: and small rats (both alive and pre-killed).  I have taken him to a vet
: and that has not seemed to have helped at all.  I am starting to worry
: because it has been over five months since I got him. It looks like at
: one time he was bitten by his food(before I got him).  Could this be the
: problem, and if so, how can I get him to start again. I do not want to
: have to resort to force feeding.
: Any help would be appreciated

: Thanks in advance to all

The pot method has always worked for me. We take a red pot and carve a
hole in the bottom large enough for the snake to go through. Flip the pot
upside down so that the hole in now on the top and the snake can use the
pot as a hide box. Then you can put a liverodent in the cage. The snake
can go into the pot to get away from the rodent and the rodent can not
climb the pot to get in with the snake. The snake will stick it's head
out of the pot to watch the rodent. We find that it will eventually feel
more secure about the rodent as a food item and feed on it.