gex/beardeds update

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gex/beardeds update

Post by huh » Sat, 05 Aug 2000 04:00:00

They have somewhat settled down.  Does that scratching claws on
newspaper drive anyone else nuts?
It was hairy when I turned out the overhead last night and it signaled
the leopards to emerge.  There was alot of "staring down".  They
settled-in but the beardeds don't take absolute cover at night as they
did.  There is a definite vertical gradation the leopards on the
bottom.  And I'm sure that the leopards with their fastidious bathroom
habits don't appreciate the beardeds droping at will.

I have already found 2 beardeds perched on the top of the perimeter of
the tank [there isn't a cover] but no further.  But 1 incident occured
when they were separate.

The leopards are recovering [1:4] from egg laying.  But I don't see any
adversity.  I'm concerned that the heat pad along with overhead is too
warm for the gex and shut down the heatpad.  The male is a magnificent
high-yellow specimen [brought in to make babies but I'm not a good
incubator.  It was gratifying to see him lapping water out of the a dish
[with liquid reptocal added email me for exact description] for a good
10 minutes.  They do seem to need the water.

In sum, so far, it seems a logistics solution although managing the
heat/light is more time-consuming.


gex/beardeds update

Post by RealSar » Sat, 05 Aug 2000 04:00:00

When you lose one of your leopard's to the beardeds don't say no one warned

gex/beardeds update

Post by huh » Sun, 06 Aug 2000 04:00:00


> When you lose one of your leopard's to the beardeds don't say no one warned
> you!
> Sarah

Appreciate the advice [warning].  Although the gex are over 1-year old, the
largest beardie- all 3-months old- is approaching the size/weight smallest
leopard.  I can already see that soon it will be an untenable situation.  For
the moment at least, it is nice to see them co-existing.  The leopards colour
has never been better.  I thought that leopards _lose_ coloration but these are
first coming into their own.

The beardeds have been quite the experience for me after losing a young iggy
several years ago, and just the leopards for past year and 1/2.  Now I'm
"rambling" may I just add 1 anecdote that I thought telling:
I "disabled" a type of wasp, black with white stripes a *** looking breed
here in NJ.  Threw it in the tank.  One of the smaller beardeds studied it for
a few seconds [sometimes they grab prey instantly and other times there is a
time-lag].  It made a quick dash and took a small bite including the lower
abdomen with the stinger.  A 2nd 1 finished the wasp off.  It could have been a
random event.