Froggie foodstuffs

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Froggie foodstuffs

Post by Sarah Bend » Wed, 25 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I am currently feeding my four White's Tree Frogs crickets from the local pet
store.  This expense and the monotony of cricket after cricket after cricket
is draining my pocketbook and lazy-fying my froggies.  I would like to be able
to vary their diet without spending a fortune.  I have heard that mealworms
can stay alive long enough to do damage in the intestines.  Does it help to
cut the mealworms in half first?  i have also heard of someone who fed their
frog a hot dog.  She attracted its attention by moving the hot dog around
until the frog went for it.  Is this an advised method of feeding?  Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

Thanks in advance,


Froggie foodstuffs

Post by J. McGuir » Tue, 31 Dec 1996 04:00:00

If you're feeding more than one White's, you should look into mail-order
crix. I get mine from Fluker's, but I'll probably be trying Rose Farm
for my next order. (they're on this newsgroup <waves hi>) Even with
shipping costs, on the average mail-order bugs cost about a quarter of
what you're paying at the pet store, and they're healthier and longer

In warm weather or warm climates, wild-caught bugs are a great addition
to your frogs' diet. Just be absolutely SURE that no pesticides have
been used on or around the area where you catch them. A sweep-net and a
wide-mouthed jar are all that you need.

You can reduce the "lazy-fying" effect by feeding them smaller batches
more often...a few crix per frog daily instead of larger batches once or
twice a week. If you feed big batches at once, the frogs quickly learn
that they just have to sit still and a bug will walk right in front of
them. Also, having a little extra "cage clutter" for the crix to hide in
helps. Make those frogs work for their bugs! Having a large cage with
places for the crickets to hide, and wander out every once in a while,
maintains something closer to natural hunting behavior.

Hot dogs aren't good food for HUMANS let alone frogs! (sez the woman who
lives on cheap chicken franks and mac&cheese...)

Pinkie mice are often accepted by White's, but if crix are wiping out
your critter-feeding budget, pinkies will destroy it. Frozen pinkies are
usually cheaper. To feed a frozen pinkie to a frog, thaw it completely
(I've been putting the ones for my corn snake in a plastic margarine-tub
lid on top of the red-eye's light hood while I feed the other
critters... about ten minutes and they're thawed) then impale it on the
tip (only) of a broom straw and wiggle it in front of a frog. <snap>
<gulp> <chews with eyeballs> Of course, this room service ("perch
service"?) results in even _lazier_ frogs!

Are you gut-loading and/or calcium dusting your crix?

-- Jean

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