excessive grooming

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excessive grooming

Post by MindSpring Use » Thu, 06 May 1999 04:00:00

My 15-year-old cat has a problem that I cannot find a reason for, nor a
cure. She, who has never been much of a groomer at all, is suddenly grooming
overly much.

To start at beginning, about six weeks ago, she had minor (I do mean minor -
two stitch) surgery. Should have healed within the week. Despite my
watching, she pulled out the stitches. Before this was over a month later,
it had become a major procedure. Constant watching and swaddling her middle
with a turkish towel when we slept to keep her away from the stitches in the
groin area got her healed.

Since then, she is very nervous and grooms most of the time when she is
awake. I groom her every morning and, in shedding time, twice a day. There
are no signs of fleas, mange, mites, or other skin problems.

Any ideas? Thank you. Hazel