Cat losing sight- GOOD NEWS!!

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Cat losing sight- GOOD NEWS!!

Post by Suzanne Willoughb » Sun, 22 Mar 1998 04:00:00


Thanks everyone who replied on visit to the eye clinic with Lillee.

After much hissing and swearing (the cat not me) the vet at the clinic
managed to get a look at Lillies eyes. His left eye is just fine. His right
eye has a small detachment of the retina - she thinks from an old injury -
he is Ok - the sight loss shouldn't get any worse. Also made the comment
that his sight couldn't be too bad because he was pretty accurate with his
claws and teeth. Needless to say I burst into tears from relief. There is a
slight chance that the detachment might bleed into the eye but she didn't
seem to worried - just said to see my normal vet if I was worried. (I may
have got some of the vet terminology wrong - but I understood the part
about it not getting any worse).

I am so please I made the decision to get him into the clinic as soon as
possible - now I can stop worrying. Needless to say I had been imaginging
all sorts of dire things during the week.

(and Lillee and Pepe and Ben (who's the horse so hasn't been mentioned