I don't like the look of Pretty Girl's nose

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I don't like the look of Pretty Girl's nose

Post by dgk » Fri, 16 Oct 2009 22:33:31

Prettty Girl, one of the outside cats (Scooter's wife if you're
following the other thread) is a pretty small white/grey cat - almost
emaciated. I feed her and other neighbors do also, but she eats very
slowly and not very much.

Her nose, at least the part going up from the actual nostrils which
should be white on her, always looks a bit discolored, like she's been
in a fight. Yesterday the whole area looked redish. It looks like a
boxer punched her in the nose.

I doubt I can get her into a carrier - she's much more timid than
Scooter and won't let me touch her and she only comes around every
second or third day. I'll ask the vet later today but if anyone knows
what this could be, I'd appreciate it. I'm hoping it's some allergy
but I think not.